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Sell your music and merch directly to Japan!

You can sell CD's, vinyl records, T-shirts and other merch as well as digital downloads like MP3's, MP4 videos, and PDF's (i.e. sheet music, artwork, etc.) directly to Japanese consumers from your stand-alone Japanese web+mobile site and in the TopMusic.JP Music Guide.

Requirement: PayPal Account (see PayPal website for more info and to create an account)

All payments and order info go directly to your PayPal account. You ship the order directly to the customer in Japan. You keep 100% of sales. We just charge a small fee to set up each item in your Japanese online shop (we call this your Artist Shop). And if there is an issue with an order our staff will try to help you resolve it.

Setup Fees:
$20/physical item (i.e. CD, DVD, vinyl record, t-shirt, cap or other merch that can be easily/affordably mailed to Japan)
$20/digital album (Note: Individual tracks cannot be sold separately. Customer must purchase whole album. A single is considered an album.)
$20/digital video or PDF (max 1 MP4 or 1 PDF file)

Make a Sale and Get Paid 100% Immediately!

When a customer orders from your Artist Shop and successfully pays you via PayPal, you will receive an email from Top Music Japan with the order details showing the products ordered and the customer's shipping address. The PayPal Transaction ID and Order/Invoice ID are also included in the email so you can find the order/payment in your PayPal account.

Ship the Order to the Customer in Japan!

Then all you have to do is mail the products directly to the customer's address in Japan. During checkout, the customer is asked to enter their name and address in English so that you can read it. (And if they forgot to do so, just let us know the Order ID and we will translate it for you.)

If the products are digital, the customer can download the files immediately (through the Top Music Japan system) after payment confirmation.

Domo Arigato (Thank you)!

The customer automatically receives an email from Top Music Japan to confirm their order/payment and to thank them on your behalf so you don't have to do anything else. But since you also get the customer's email address, you can also send an email to personally thank the customer if you wish.


How do I add products to my Artist Shop?

When you login to your PRO Account click on Support to send us the item info. Then we will send you a quote and online invoice for the setup fees. After confirming your payment, you will receive instructions to send us your files (if necessary). Then our staff will set up the item(s) in the Artist Shop section of your Artist Page as well as your stand-alone Artist Site.

What price do I charge?

Go to your local post office with your item (inside a suitable envelope/package) and find out the cheapest cost to mail your item to Japan. We recommend including your shipping costs in your retail price.

For example:
You are selling a CD for $15.
It costs $8 to mail a CD to Japan from your city/country.
It costs $2 for a CD envelope.
So if you include your shipping cost in the retail price, it would be $15 + $8 + $2 = $25
US$25 = approx. 3,000 Japanese YEN (JPY)
So your retail price is 3,000 JPY including shipping.
(You don't have to charge taxes if you are shipping to Japan.)

FYI, most CD's in Japan sell from between 2,500 and 3,500 JPY (without shipping and taxes) so 3,000 JPY is a good price.

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Typical Retail Prices in Japan (without shipping or taxes)
CD Album: 2,000 JPY to 3,500 JPY
CD EP (maxi single): 1,000 JPY to 2,000 JPY
Digital Album: 1,500 JPY to 2,500 JPY
Digital EP: 500 JPY to 1,500 JPY
Digital Single: 150 JPY to 250 JPY
Vinyl Record: 2,000 JPY to 4,000 JPY

We recommend you try to set your prices within the ranges of what is typical in Japan.
You can round off your Japanese price to the nearest 50 or 100 JPY. There are no decimal points (i.e. cents) for JPY.

Set up your PayPal account to accept payments in Japanese YEN. You can easily change any Japanese YEN balance to your home currency in your PayPal account when ready to use or withdraw.

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