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Top Music Japan - Marketing Your Music in Japan

Japan is the largest music market in the world!
If you are in the business of making and selling music, do not overlook your major market—Japan.

We help artists/bands (and their managers/record labels) promote and sell music in Japan

We can quickly create professional Japanese web and mobile sites (and press sheets) for bands/artists. Online sales can be added to sell your CD's and merch direct to Japan. By doing this, you are ready to connect with the millions of Japanese music consumers and industry people regardless of where you are based.

Since 2008, our web+mobile music guide has been the source for music fans and industry people throughout Japan to discover, follow and contact talented emerging and established artists from around the world. Click here to see the hundreds of artists/bands from your country that are using Top Music Japan to help promote and sell their music in Japan. (To be included in the Guide, please click here.)

We encourage you to visit the Japan Music Marketing website to learn more about the music business in Japan and to access resources (i.e. Japanese record labels, licensors, publishers, show/festival organizers, etc.).

How to make it "Big in Japan"

STEP 1 Create Japanese Web+Mobile Site | STEP 2 Get distribution in Japan | STEP 3 Do advertising and promotion in Japan

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