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The support and resources here are for artists and bands (and their record labels and managers)
that already have a Japanese Web+Mobile Site at Top Music Japan. If you don't have one yet, click here to create one.


News and Announcements

Happy 2015 (Year of the Sheep)!
Congratulations to the following artists that performed in Japan last year.
Allison Adams Tucker
Bloodcocks UK

Tha Black Knights
Steve Acho

Patrick Charles
see more...

If you are a artist and are performing in Japan, send us your show schedule so we can help promote your tour with a banner ad in Send us photos and comments of your tour in Japan so we can share them with our users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Support Info
How do I check how many people visited my web+mobile site?

The numbers are shown at the bottom of your web and mobile sites. The top number shows the date your site was created, the number below shows the all-time total views, and under that is the current month's views. Please click here to see screenshots of a sample web+mobile site and English descriptions.

How do I add/modify content in my music player, video player, show schedule, and photo slide show widgets?

Just login to your ReverbNation account and add/modify content. Changes are automatically reflected in your Japanese web site and Artist Page. Use the MODIFY form to send us the code if you want to add a photo slide show widget or if you want to disable/enable certain widgets such as the video player, show schedule with map, or fan collector.

Photo Slide Show:
Upload photos to Flickr or Instagram (allow public viewing). Send us the link using the MODIFY FORM and then we will be able to display a photo slideshow in your website.

How do I add/modify the main image, contact email, links to shops, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, bio, and other content?

Use the form below to request modifications to your Japanese web+mobile sites and Artist Page.

Click here for MODIFY Form

*You can use this form for all other modification requests too or to contact us.

What is my Special URL?
(Not available for Artist Page in

People can access your Japanese web and mobile sites through 1 URL. It automatically detects mobile users and sends them to your Japanese mobile site while computer users are sent to your Japanese web site.

The special URL will look like:

It is usually sent to your email when we confirm the creation of your web site.

Contact us if you forgot or lost it.

If you wish to have your own custom Japanese domain name (e.g., it is about $60/year. Click here to register your own custom .JP domain name. You can setup your custom domain to automatically redirect to your Japanese web site.

If you already have your own .COM (or other) domain name and hosting service, you can make an HTML redirect page and put it in a folder called "japan". So you can use for example, "" as the URL for your Japanese web+mobile site. The redirect page will automatically send users to your Japanese web (or mobile) site. If you need help making and setting up a redirect page on your host server, contact us.

Where can I download my Japanese PDF Press Sheet?

If you forgot the link, contact us and we will send you the link.

You can also go to your Japanese web site and scroll down near the bottom to the link that says "PDF PRESS SHEET". Click on the link to download.

*There is a translation and production fee if you need the PDF press sheet modified.
*If you don't have one, you can order one for $39 + translation fee. Contact us to order or modify.

How do I add an "Artist Shop" to my Japanese web site?
Sell your CD (records, t-shirts, etc.) in Japan!

You can sell physical items (no downloads) on your Japanese website and Artist Page. If you would like to add an Artist Shop or add/modify items in your current Artist Shop, contact us.
There is a $15/item setup fee (no transaction, monthly or annual fees).

Click here for details on "Artist Shop" option

I forgot my password to access the Japan Music Marketing Members Resources.

Contact Japanese record labels/companies, publishers, licensors, concert/festival organizers, and more. Click here and enter your registered email address. The password will be emailed to you.

*If you don't yet have access, click here to sign up for access.

How can I get the QR Code for my mobile site?

FREE QRickit QR Code Creator

A QR Code (a.k.a. QRickit) is displayed in your Japanese web site and Artist Page. Users can scan the QR Code with their mobile phone camera and instantly access your Japanese mobile site. Try it out with your own mobile phone. You can get free QR Code readers for your phone by visiting

You can download the QR Code image freely from your Japanese web site by right-clicking (ctrl-click) on it to save it to your computer as a png or bmp file. You can display it in other web pages or print it on flyers, stickers, buttons, packaging, etc. For info on printing sizes and to create, download and print your own QR Codes for free, visit QR Codes are becoming more popular all round the world. To learn more about how to use QR Codes to market your band, release or event in your own country, please visit

*The QR code image you save from your web site is made for display on computer screens and printing on home or office printers. For high-quality professional printing, a high resolution image file is often required by printing companies. Click here to get a free hi-res 300 dpi jpg image file.

I have some gigs in Japan coming up. How do I post my Japan Live Show Schedule?

Your ReverbNation Show Schedule with Map widget is displayed in your Japanese web+mobile site and profile page. You can post your live shows there using your ReverbNation account.

Send us your Japan show schedule (max. 10 shows per submission) and we post it in your web site, mobile site and Artist Page. It also becomes searchable in the Music Guide. Click here to submit your Japan show schedule.

How do I add news?

If you have a Twitter account, we can add a widget that displays your latest "tweets" in the NEWS and Latest Info section on your Japanese web site and Artist Page. Your Japanese mobile site will have a link to the Twitter Mobile version. You can setup a free Twitter account at Use the MODIFY form to send us your Twitter account URL. We also add a Facebook Page widget which shows activity in your Facebook Page. Please note that you need a Facebook Page (not just a profile). You can create a Facebook Page if you have a Facebook account.

We can also add a link to your official blog if you have one. You can setup a free blog at ReverbNation, Blogspot and more.

*Option: Translation fee applies. Minimum Charge $15.
If you need your news translated into Japanese we can translate it for you and post it in the NEWS and Latest Info section of your Japanese web site, mobile site and Artist Page. Contact us for a quote.

How can I promote my music in Japan? Click here (or read below) for music promotion in Japan.
Click here for other questions / support

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Banner Advertising in Website

We are currently accepting a few banner ads in the the online music guide. Only ads promoting the following:

  • artists, bands and record labels/companies (from any country)
  • music CD/DVD/vinyl/digital releases (from any country)
  • concerts/shows/tours in Japan (from any artist performing in Japan)
  • live venues in Japan
  • music events/conferences/festivals (from any country)

Ad rates range from $25 (with discount). Click here for rates and more info.

Artists (with paid Artist Page) get a 50% discount on banner ad rates in
*Plus a bonus 15,000 ad impressions for first-time ad client.
*Plus a bonus 15,000 ad impressions for artists with with paid Artist Page.
*Graphic edit fee is waived for
artists with paid Artist Page.

Music Promotion/Advertising in Japan

Listed below are the approximate costs for various advertising media in Japan:

  • Google Japan Adwords Ad Campaign - Google Japan and Partner Sites (Setup Fee: from $199; Min. Ad Budget from $1/day) more info
  • Facebook Japanese Ad Campaign (Setup Fee: from $99; Min. Ad Budget from $1/day) more info
  • Online Japanese press release/blog PR (from $199)
  • Image ad in other Japanese website, blog or email newsletter (Min. Ad Budget from $750) more info
  • Print ad in Japanese magazine/free paper (Min. Ad Budget from $2,000) more info
  • Image ad in website (Min. Ad Budget from $25) more info

*Minimum budgets shown are approximate. Costs may vary depending on your genre, available ad space, ad/materials production costs, discounts, etc.

A good marketing campaign will use several methods of advertising and promotion.

Artists with paid Artist Page get a $50 discount on setup fees for Google Japan Adwords Campaign and Facebook Japan Ad Campaigns (basic startup campaigns).

If you are ready to market your music using any of the above methods, please click here to contact our music marketing division.

Live Shows / Tour in Japan
Doing live shows in Japan is a great method of promotion (click here to read more about doing gigs in Japan). Top Music Japan is not a concert/event organizer. Please contact directly the companies in Japan that specialize in organizing/managing live shows/tours in Japan especially for foreign artists/bands. You can also apply for showcases at music festivals and conferences in Japan. See the contact lists at the Japan Music Marketing Members Resources Area. Make sure you utilize your Japanese web+mobile site and optional PDF press sheet when contacting these companies.
Song Submission to Japanese Net Radio/Podcasters and AM/FM Radio Directors

You can register in the Bigfish Network's Aritst Explosion in Japan Promotion which includes 1 song (MP3) submitted online to Japanese net radio/podcasters and AM/FM radio directors, and some blog posts. Click here for more info. If you already have a special URL, all you have to do is send them an MP3 and provide them with your special URL so they can get all the information they need in Japanese. They charge 4500 YEN (about US$40) which can be paid by credit card or PayPal.

Artists from all over the world have been sending their music and cheerful messages to the FM radio stations below which are in the Tsunami / Earthquake-stricken area of Japan. If you wish, please send your music and cheerful message to them.


mail to:
5-1 Taira Aza Omachi
Iwaki City, Fukushima


mail to:
Basenaka Misse 1F
8-8 Okitamacho
Fukushima-shi, Fukushima

FM One

mail to:
FM One
1-2-21 Odori
Hanamaki City, Iwate

Working with Japanese record companies/labels/licensors

See the contact list of Japanese record companies/labels/licensors. Send those companies in your genre your Japanese PDF Press Sheet, music (CD) and a cover letter saying that you are looking for assistance in sales/promotion in Japan and that you are willing to cooperate and compensate them for their help. Record labels that like your music may help you and charge you for their services or take some sort of share of sales (or both). Some may help you organize live shows together with their own artist roster.

View Contact List of Japanese record companies/labels/licensors
Download Cover Letter (Letter Size)
Download Cover Letter (A4 Size)

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Japanese characters for web/graphic design
If you would like free Japanese words and characters (Kanji) to design things like websites, T-shirts, posters, images, etc. click the links below to download the files. The fonts are outlines (graphics) so they can be opened on non-Japanese computer systems. There are English explanations so you know what the characters mean.

Japanese Words/Characters Part 1 Illustrator file (1.15M) | PDF file (400k)
Japanese Words/Characters Part 2 Illustrator file (1.48M) | PDF file (507k)

*Tip: To copy graphics in a PDF file right-click (hold-click or CTRL-click) on the select tool icon (the arrow or hand) and then choose the snapshot tool (the camera icon). Just zoom your document to the size you want and select the portion of the graphics you want to copy with the snapshot tool. Once copied, you can paste it into any image editing program and modify/save it in your desired format.

Japanese web buttons for your English (or other language) web pages
Right-click (hold-click or CTRL-click) on the web button/banner/image you want to save to your computer. The short Japanese characters say "Nihongo" (Japanese) in several font styles. You can use them to put in your English or other language web page (e.g. your official home page, MySpace, blogs, SNS. etc.) to link to your Japanese Web+Mobile Site.

Right or hold click to save to your computer

3 images below mean: "Go to Japanese web site", "Go to Japanese mobile site" and "Download Japanese press kit"
Go to Japanese website Go to Japanese mobile siteDownload Japanese press kit

In the images below, the Japanese says "Japanese" (Nihongo).
Japanese Flag with NihongoJapanese Flag No BorderJapanese Flag 
In the images below, the Japanese says "Top Music Japan".
In the images below, the Japanese says "Go to our Japanese web and mobile site".
In the images below, the Japanese says "Japanese" (Nihongo).

Design and print your own stuff with your QRickit

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More Resources

Visit the Japan Music Marketing website for articles and other resources to help you sell and promote your music in Japan.


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