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News / Notices

Happy 2019 (Year of the Pig/Boar)!

Congratulations to the following Top Music Japan artists that performed in Japan in the past and those that are coming to Japan in 2019.
Click here to learn more about playing live in Japan and to set up your Japan Tour.

King George
The Pound
Charlie Rebel
Run Over Dogs
The Mouldy Lovers
Bohmeian Betyars
The Interbeing
John Kaye
Hybrid Nightmares
Calling Blue Jay
Allison Adams Tucker
Bloodcocks UK
Tha Black Knights
Steve Acho
Patrick Charles
see more...

Automatic Translators

Please TURN OFF any automatic web page translators (i.e. Google Translate or other translation plugins) in your browser because it causes web pages to not function properly. Also, note that software translators (i.e. Google Translate) cannot accurately and naturally translate Japanese to English (or other languages) and vice versa.

At Top Music Japan we have award-winning professional Japanese linguists who are experienced in translation, adaptation, editing and copywriting materials in the Japanese music industry. Since is viewed by many music fans and industry people in Japan, we strive to keep the content professional and high in quality by ensuring all translations are proofed and edited by more than one linguist.

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Japanese Web Buttons and Banners
Japanese characters for graphic design
If you would like free Japanese words and characters (Kanji) to design things like websites, T-shirts, posters, images, etc. click the links below to download the files. The fonts are outlines (graphics) so they can be opened on non-Japanese computer systems. There are English explanations so you know what the characters mean.

Japanese Words/Characters Part 1 Illustrator file (1.15M) | PDF file (400k)
Japanese Words/Characters Part 2 Illustrator file (1.48M) | PDF file (507k)

*Tip: To copy graphics in a PDF file right-click (hold-click or CTRL-click) on the select tool icon (the arrow or hand) and then choose the snapshot tool (the camera icon). Just zoom your document to the size you want and select the portion of the graphics you want to copy with the snapshot tool. Once copied, you can paste it into any image editing program and modify/save it in your desired format.

Japanese web buttons for your English (or other language) web pages
Right-click (hold-click or CTRL-click) on the web button/banner/image you want to save to your computer. The short Japanese characters say "Nihongo" (Japanese) in several font styles. You can use them to put in your English or other language web page (e.g. your official home page, MySpace, blogs, SNS. etc.) to link to your Japanese Web+Mobile Site.

Right or hold click to save to your computer

2 images below mean: "Go to Japanese web site" and "Download Japanese press kit"
Go to Japanese websiteDownload Japanese press kit

In the images below, the Japanese says "Japanese" (Nihongo) in various font styles.
Japanese Flag with Nihongo Japanese Flag No Border Japanese Flag  
In the images below, the Japanese says "Top Music Japan".
In the images below, the Japanese says "Go to our Japanese web and mobile site".
In the images below, the Japanese says "Japanese" (Nihongo).

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